What is Kundalini Energy?

January 31, 2020
January 31, 2020 angeladitch

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini Talk Part One

If yeast is the active ingredient in making bread, then kundalini energy is the active ingredient in all of creation.

While this analogy is not perfect, it illustrates how the active ingredient binds to the other elements and arises into form. Think of bread as we continue.

Kundalini is primordial creative energy. It exists in the void as infinite potential energy capable of creating anything imaginable.

When consciousness focuses, thoughts begin to flow within the void and form ideas.

These ideas then take geometrical shapes building a blueprint or mental framework for reality.

In our bread analogy, we would call this idea and its blueprint the recipe. It contains the particulars of all of the ingredients and their measurements needed to create the bread.

As ideas build in the void, it is kundalini energy that is stirred and informed to birth and embody the idea into manifested form.

Kundalini energy fills the mental framework, creates and assembles the elements needed and crystallizes the idea into reality. Kundalini energy becomes the manifested form.

In our bread analogy, this is the yeast. As the yeast rises, it forms the loaf.

We can say that reality is crystallized consciousness, just as bread is baked yeast.

Once crystallized, the kundalini energy and the mental framework remain dormant, looping the information over and over for the life span of the creation.

Once the loaf of bread is baked, the yeast stops expanding and loaf remains in a fixed state.

Reality is crystallized consciousness.

In yogic philosophy we speak of kundalini energy as lying dormant at the base of the spine in the root chakra.

In our bread analogy, we say that yeast is dormant throughout the loaf.

What this means is that kundalini energy is crystallized in the earth element, the densest of matter. Along with the kundalini energy is the original idea.

We find earth element throughout the body. The root chakra, however,  is the access point into its vibration.  The root chakra (muladhara) is found at the cervix for women and perineum for men.

Kundalini energy resides in all of the elements which are associated with various chakras along the spine.

When the kundalini energy remains dormant, the person simply loops the crystallized information over and over while adding additional information from their life experience.

When kundalini energy is activated and awakens, it informs us of what the original idea was.

For example, if we have crystallized the idea that we are unloveable into our body, when kundalini is stirred within those cells, we will become aware of what thought structures created the idea in the beginning. We may hear the thoughts, feel the emotions or become aware of the sensory impulses.

Activating the kundalini energy allows us to become aware of the origin of the belief and then have the opportunity to consciously respond with an improved perspective. This edits the crystallized idea and either liberates it or changes it.

In our bread analogy, when we eat the bread, our system breaks it back down to its original ingredients. We then assimilate and digest the information (nutrients) and eliminate the waste.

When kundalini is activated, we become aware of our crystallized mental constructs and we evolve them rapidly.

This evolution happens in the cells as well as the brain. New brain function results along with a more conscious and positive perspective on every subject that arises.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati stated, “Awakening of Kundalini Energy is the Prime Purpose of Human Incarnation.”

Corinthians 11:28 said, ” But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread …”

In order for us to evolve beyond the genetic inheritance of our ancestors and improve the human existence we must activate and awaken this energy.

By doing so, we literally digest the information that we contain and resolve its programming. This elevates our points of view and heals our life experience, setting us up to consciously create and continuously evolve.

Awakening of kundalini energy presents us with the opportunity to resolve inner conflict, open dormant mental faculties and create consciously in each moment. It invites us to explore new frontiers in human performance in every area of our lives.

This most relevant conversation is the foundation of all improvement.

Next we learn: How to Awaken Kundalini

Yogi speak version for teachers and teachers in training …

Kundalini energy exists within the void. As consciousness focuses, pure thought (ANTRA) takes dimension (JANTRA), and an idea structure forms (BANTRA). Sound current is emitted (MANTRA). Mantra then takes on a visual geometrical structure (YANTRA). Kundalini births and embodies the yantra (TANTRA). The creation projects into the universe (PATANTRA). Its perfected completion orbits in alignment with the soul. (SOTANTRA)

By re-entering at the point of TANTRA where consciousness and form merge, we can see the origin programming and the projected outcome and make conscious improvements.

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