Often called the Attunement Atone, Howlite is known to link its user to higher spiritual consciousness, open and prepare the mind to receive the energy and wisdom of attunements. It opens the 3rd Eye in preparation of attunement, encourages visualizations and boosts creativity. It is also used for past-life regression or to remember one’s existence between two lives which assists its user in determining current life purpose. Howlite also brings mental awareness to bridge knowledge from other lifetimes into the current one. It helps one to release selfishness by absorbing anger and negative energy, assisting one to achieve their goals. It encourages patience by instilling the awareness of the inherent perfection of the universe and trust that all is exactly as it should be. Howlite assists us in relating to those around us by removing the tendency to be critical or doubtful of others. It is soothing and calming which helps with an overactive mind and insomnia. It supports teeth and bones, the absorption of calcium and promotes basic maintenance of good health.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 3 cm


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