Lean in. Commit. Flow.

I'm on a journey .. wanna come?

Lean in. Commit. Flow.

Why flow .. why mentorship .. and why now?

Our 2020 “Global Timeout” has us all examining the foundations of our lives. What’s not working? What’s holding us back? Where do we want to go?

Never before has the world been better poised for a complete foundational makeover .. a massive enhancement of the base from which we create.
We create from self! It all begins with self!

We each are the epicentre of our own lives. We must retreat to our core .. pull ourselves together .. and re-emerge aligned .. clear and inspired .. skillfully navigating ups and downs .. integrated into one whole resilient being .. ready to shape a better world .. fully trained to flow. We need to learn to flow!

In FLOW we ..
LAUNCH beyond self limit.. LAND in new patterns .. and REPEAT.


Hi, I’m Angela ..
I live in the edge of my awareness .. leaning in .. asking fresh questions .. connecting new dots .. grounding better results .. creating my best life.

Flow is a perpetual cycle where mind, breath, body and spirit merge into one whole self .. time and ego melt into curious exploration .. as one ventures beyond their limits into infinite possibility .. discovering new patterns .. and landing those patterns into an ever improving reality.

The flow cycle begins as we press into those limits .. surrender to the unknown .. and open to the flood of ideas .. integrating them into ourselves and our lives. The moment one flow cycle ends a new one begins.

Learning to ride the flow .. is the key to life!


Lean in …

Years of escalating stress has trained us to avoid discomfort. We reach for escape simply to cope. We’re losing resilience .. we’re losing vitality .. and we’re losing the skills to right our course. People everywhere do the best job they know how in every moment .. driven by their habits .. and the amount of awareness they can hold.

To pivot on any path .. we must stop and observe .. and lean in. With compassion and curiosity .. we invite new perspectives and fresh ideas .. ideas that exist beyond the scope of those looping habits .. that limited knowledge .. and that not-so-comfortable comfort zone.

When we lean in we build our courage to venture into the unknown .. where innovation and creativity emerge .. where answers exist.

But how does one lean in when their nervous system is taxed .. their mind is overwhelmed .. and their body is exhausted?

They lean in with support.

Commit …

To master flow one must merge mind, breath, body and spirit into one fluid being. To do this .. we train them as a team.

A fresh mindset creates a lens through which to see ourselves. Running that mindset through the body with physical practice invokes and provokes the body to align. Focus in our breath as we move .. awakens energy in our cells .. activating spirit in our bodies .. literally inspiring us from the inside out.

Because breath is a part of every moment of our life .. every experience recorded into the body .. contains the breath pattern that was running at the time.

Attention in breath optimization .. translates into shifts that unearth trauma .. shift memorized mental loops .. and open healthy energy flows.

Breath is the bridge that connects it all. Commitment to practice is what opens us to the flow.

When we train mind, breath, body and spirit together .. they merge into one system .. a team of masters riding the flow.

Flow …

Flow is a cycle that begins with stress and struggle. As pressure builds we lean into our edge .. acknowledging that the answer does not exist within. Acceptance of this fact .. and commitment to our evolution .. releases our resistance and we open to the flow.

Breaching the confines of our limits .. we enter the infinite .. where dots appear and connect .. inducing aha moments .. connecting new patterns to old .. downloading and reconfiguring shifts directly into the cells .. embodying whole concepts in a flash.

Riding the flow is blissful .. often ecstatic .. always illuminating .. inspiring .. invigorating .. and more. Integrating what we learn is peaceful .. surrendered .. gentle .. and clear. Life begins fresh .. forever changed .. in the flash of an exhilarating and liberating moment.

We feel content .. until a new struggle arises .. pressure builds .. and we lean in once more. Ever repeating the natural cycle of life. The cycle of flow.

Becoming skilled at riding the cycle of flow brings freedom .. freedom from limits .. freedom from suffering .. freedom to live your fullest life. A surrendered flowing life doesn’t eliminate challenge, sadness and difficulty .. it simply frees you from being defined by it.

Flow liberates!

Are you ready to lean in .. commit .. and flow?



Video Lecture Series gets us on the same page. Gems of training and experience coalesce into a practical and applicable understanding of flow.


90 Min Online Practices train mind, breath, body and spirit to merge. Weekdays (except holidays) .. Live @ 6:00am MDT and Recorded for personal schedules.


Private Monthly Sessions target your life priorities in the moment. Coaching and Flow Energy Attunement focus on results and keep you on target.


A Special Invitation and Price …

I’m on a journey of study. I’m looking for a core group of committed people .. ready to lean in .. for six months of focused evolution. During that time we will target flow protocols .. individual intentions .. and group trends. Intake, progress and exit surveys will be given to optimize the training as we go .. raising the efficacy and strategy of implementation .. maximizing individual results.

We will train mind, breath, body and spirit as to merge as one whole self .. fluid and responsive.

We’ll draw from multiple sources of study and practice and choose the optimal mindsets and tools: flow cycle training, kundalini tantra yoga, breathwork, neuroscience, biology, physics, energy anatomy, somatic therapy, trauma release, flow attunement energy work, and various other tools and techniques as needed.

Get ready for BIG DISCOUNTS!

I love to invest in those who invest in themselves. Nothing brings me greater joy than to witness someone in active evolution of self. As my clients will attest .. immersing for six months will bring life changing results!

I also love to be gracious to those who invest in me. Your commitment to my study, through participation and feedback is deeply valued. Your willingness to walk the live edge of discovery is deeply felt in my heart. I live for this level of exploration and its way more fun with friends!

Thank you in advance! I am so excited to start! On-boarding participants in JUNE!

Here are two ways to participate .. and enjoy BIG SAVINGS!

Mentorship completely altered the trajectory of my life. In essence it saved my life. The cost of this program pales in comparison to the value.

Karen L

Angela is showing us the cutting edge, leading the way for humanity to shift from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tanya P

Angela gave me a gameplan going forward. I’m able to navigate roadblocks on my own. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Cara E

Lessons I’ve learned through Angela are taking me to new levels.

Heather Z

I remember who I really am. I walk in wholeness now.

Adair P

This mentorship has been a catalyst getting me closer to my career goals. It is life changing!

Megan M

Want to schedule a call?

Let’s chat and see if this is a fit for you.

Email me: angela@angeladitch.com

The Fine Print ..

  • Program duration: 6 months
  • On-boarding June 2020
  • Commitment to 6 months required for special pricing
  • Payments are in CAN$
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Case by case refund consideration will be made for exceptional circumstance.
  • Daily classes broadcast via Zoom
  • Video Lectures delivered via website
  • Weekday emails provide class recording link and updated information.
  • Occasional BONUS Group Zoom Meetups and video discussions will arise spontaneously as relevant in the moment.
  • You need: notebook, yoga mat, pillows, blankets and practice space.
  • Six private monthly sessions will booked upon private enrolment.
  • Additional sessions may be purchased at discount if schedule permits.
  • Private sessions are recorded for your use.
  • Rescheduling of session times is discouraged but will be accommodated when necessary as schedule permits.
  • You agree to complete intake, progress and exit surveys in timely fashion.
  • All information collected will be kept in strict confidence.
  • You understand that what you get out of the program is directly proportional to your commitment and communication with self and Angela.

& FAQ’s …

  • You agree to keep Angela informed of your experience in practices.
  • You agree to inform Angela of any health or life circumstances that are challenging.
  • You agree to meet your body and mind where there are in each moment. Kindness and compassion to self is the core perspective from which we move.
  • You agree to inform Angela of injuries and health states that may indicate modification of practice.
  • Our practice mottos are: “we do what we can do”. “no judgment or aversion”  “meet ourselves fresh in each moment”
  • We are building a relationship .. a friendship .. a love affair between your spirit and your body.
  • You understand that opening a conversation with the body invites the body to share what is recorded in your tissues. As a result, waves of emotion and story will inevitably free themselves. You agree to lean in and ask for support if desired.
  • Do you have to do every practice? No .. but keeping of record of practices done is required.
  • Practices run in three week immersions, one after the other. I request that you do the first immersion in its entirety to get you rolling and experience the full effect.
  • I am all in! My priority is your wellbeing and optimal outcome. Thank you for being part of this most relevant work!

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