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Pay in full or speak with Angela about Payment Plan options.

Complete Video Course.

19 Videos cover the foundation of Flow Breath. Breath mechanics, energy dynamics, energy anatomy and flow cycle knowledge coalesce to bring deeper understanding into the importance of this work.

Attend LIVE Online Immersion.

4 Days Online with a small group to learn non-local touch, the art of holding space and the power of immersive breath practice. Review of all knowledge in videos reinforces concepts and understanding.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

In addition to a regular personal practice, breathe 10 volunteers individually or in small groups as proficiency grows. Obtain feedback along the way.

Complete Knowledge Assessment.

You can call it an exam if you want. I don’t. I call it an open book knowledge assessment. Gather information to answer questions throughout the training. Upon completion we will review together and fill any gaps in understanding that may arise.

Become a Certified Flow Breath Facilitator.

Upon completion of all the steps you will receive a certificate of completion and be ready to do individual and small group Flow Breath Activations plus guide people in optimal everyday breathing habits.

Upcoming Live Module Trainings

“Mind runs the breath. Breath runs the body. Body sings our song.”

Spirit and body merge in the breath. Their relationship shapes our life experience.

On the physical side, exchanges of oxygen and CO2 affect pH, nervous system function, muscle tension, brain cognition, cellular health and more. On the energetic side, varying degrees of consciousness activate pranic flows to produce the electromagnetic pulse that creates our life and influences our experience.

When we breathe consciously, we respond to life and evolve with awareness. When we breathe unconsciously, we react to life and loop prior experience.

FLOWBREATH is a heightened experience of prana activation to open and flush energy pathways and more deeply awaken conscious awareness.

FLOWBREATH is inspired by Transformational Breathwork, Breathlight, Body Ascension Breath and Kundalini Pranayama. It is a living modality that evolves as we lean continuously into the edge of exploration.

Formerly known as Body Ascension Breath, FLOWBREATH is the practice’s evolution that directs us further into precision flowstate activation, an optimal state of creative being.

FLOWBREATH Facilitator Training is a Whole Systems Approach to Conscious Breathwork

  • Learn breath mechanics and chemistry.
  • Learn energy anatomy.
  • Learn how you function, create and experience.
  • Explore prana activation, breath retention and energy direction. – Practice everyday optimal breathing.
  • Practice FLOWBREATH Activation.
  • Open Energy Flows
  • Release tension, blockage and looping unconscious patterns.
  • Invite clear intuitive connection and communication between spirit and body.

FLOWBREATH Facilitator Training consists of four steps:

  • Step ONE: Online Training (Self Paced)
  • Step TWO: Online LIVE Immersion (4 Days)
  • Step THREE: 10 Practice Clients
  • Step FOUR: Knowledge Assessment (Tool to identify gaps in understanding and fill them)

Learn through personal practice the power and potential of breath. See how breath both reveals the state we are in as well as creates it. Learn to enter the cycle of inhales and exhales to affect optimal improvement in all areas of life.

Upon completion of the full training, you will be ready to:

  • Guide individuals and groups through FLOWBREATH Activation Sessions.
  • Teach optimal daily breathing practices.
  • Inspire others to whole self integration of spirit and body.

You will establish your own breathwork practice and discover that everything in life comes back to the breath!

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