Coaching and Energy Attunement with Angela


First we chat and then we choose the path that is perfect for YOU!

Special Invitation and Pricing!

I’m on a journey .. looking for a core group of people ready to commit to six months of dedicated transformation.

Get ready for BIG Discounts! Get ready for BIG Results!

If you are ready to LEAN IN .. COMMIT to self .. and learn to FLOW ..

You are my ideal person. This opportunity offers BIG DISCOUNTS.


Personalized Private Coaching Sessions guide one into a whole-self perspective .. where mind, breath, body and spirit merge and flow.

Using Flow Lenses .. we create frameworks and tools to align your life to your greatest desires and outcomes.

Individual sessions reset a person within themselves and within their lives.

Mentorship programs offer immersive training to evolve rapidly and sustainably.

Book a session to explore which path is ideal for you.


First we chat, then you relax back and follow my voice as I lead you into your cells.

Cleanse, align and evolve old patterns and stories.
Open to the flow and embody awareness.

Feel reset, recharged and lighter.


Now is the perfect time to step into our core .. renovate our foundation .. and begin creating as one whole integrated being.

Congratulations on your commitment to self!

I’ve done thousands of hours of intuitive energy attunements, coaching sessions and facilitator instruction.
While we all share common human themes, each person is unique in their expression and their needs.
We will meet you where you are in the moment and choose the correct tools and lenses just for you.


1. Email your birth date, time and city to angela@angeladitch.com along with anything you would like me to know in advance.
2. Reserve a 2 hour window. Our session will likely run 90 minutes and this will provide you 30 minutes to integrate or time for us to run over if needed.
3. Have a quiet and private space ready where you can lay down during the energy attunement portion of our call. Headphones or speaker-phone will be ideal.
4. Keep water and a notebook handy.

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