How’s Your Energetic Nutrition?

February 4, 2020
February 4, 2020 angeladitch

How’s Your Energetic Nutrition?

You’ve done years of personal work. You’ve accumulated volumes of aha moments that have completely changed your life.

You are vastly more centred and peaceful than you were the year before you began your self improvement phase.

But now, for some unexplainable reason, you are passionless, burnt out and feeling like you’ve fallen into the pit of old patterns and fears.

Sound like you? Ask yourself this.

Are you getting adequate energetic nutrition or are you filling up on junk food quality of thoughts, emotions, intentions and conversations with others?

We can’t do all the personal work to elevate our state of consciousness and then live on auto-pilot lower mind levels of conditioning, or remain in environments where we perpetuate them.

In 2015, it became evident that my mother required live in care. I’m the gypsy of the family and, in my mind, it made perfect sense that I should step up and fill the need while we sought an ideal solution.

No one had asked me to move in. The impulse had naturally arose out of love and concern, but when I thought about doing it, it brought up emotion, fear and a feeling of obligation.

Showing up in obligation serves no one, ever. So, I dove into my heart to align with who I truly am.

This alignment elevated the frequency of my motivation from obligation to loving service, where it matched who I’d become.

We can’t do all the personal work to elevate our state of consciousness and then live on auto-pilot lower mind levels of conditioning or remain in environments where we perpetuate them.

Being aware and behaving as though we are not is incoherent. When we are incoherent we create dissonance, fatigue and mental chaos.

Once you’ve done the work to elevate your consciousness, you can only move forward. Anything else is unsustainable.

The energy of mindset and behaviour is just like food.

We can crave the quick sugar highs, like recognition and approval. They can be fun to experience but, like sugar, they will spike our happiness but it will quickly fall away.

Aversely, we can resist the plummets of happiness when mindsets of obligation create frustration and resentment.

Neither will nourish us. In fact, the opposite it true. Lower level energies will drain us and create internal pressure to realign.

We need density rich energetic nutrition. The more we evolve the more nutrient packed this energy needs to be.

We can no longer endure the old patterns that we’ve grown beyond. We must reach for evolved thoughts, emotions, intentions and behaviours.

We must become coherent by showing up as the same person on the outside as we are on the inside.

If you are tired, directionless, addicted to your screens, eating poorly, passionless and generally bored with the cycle of stress, ask yourself these questions.

What kinds of thoughts, emotions, experiences and intentions are you consuming? How do they make you feel? Are they nourishing your soul and your body? Do they match you?

What is the nature of your conversations? Do they evoke a healthy exchange of ideas, bring in fresh perspective and honour all points of view? Are they elevating?

Are you altering your words and behaviours to appease others or to conform? Are you contributing to a healthy environment or helping it remain unhealthy? Are you showing up authentically?

Does it feel like you are slipping backwards? Are your healthy physical habits being abandoned?

Notice how “junk food” level energetic nutrition begins to drive “junk food” level physical food nutrition. Its all connected.

Ok .. So how do we improve this?


  • Give attention to your thoughts, emotions, intentions and exchanges with others.
  • Give attention to your words. What are you saying?
  • What is motivating you?

Make improved choices:

  • Choose to place yourself in environments that are uplifting. Beautiful and orderly surroundings bring peace and clear energetic flow. Clean and tidy your spaces.
  • Find your tribe. Hang out with authentic and uplifting people.
  • Be an authentic and uplifting person.
  • Listen to thought provoking podcasts, great music, watch inspiring film and read exceptional books.
  • Move your body and drink water. Sometimes we are detoxing old energies stored from prior experience. Rather than saturate in them, and reabsorb their patterns, open the proverbial window and clear them out of yourself. The fastest way to eliminate lower vibes is by moving the body and flushing it with fresh water.
  • Breathe. This one is fundamental. By dropping your awareness into your inhales and exhales you immediately raise the frequency of your energy while detoxing CO2 and old thought forms. Your breath pattern will drive your mind and emotions. By entering it and consciously lengthening each breath, you will improve your whole state of being.
  • Laugh. The blood of laughers is brighter red because it is so oxygen saturated. Add that to conscious breathing and your cells will absorb that oxygen and elevate everything about you.
  • Write. Draw. Dance. Create. Let your expression flow.

Be mindful of your emissions:

  • Not only do we consume energy, we also emit it. In a way our conscious self is like a filter. We receive energies and have the opportunity to improve them, clean them and elevate them as we release them. Be mindful of what you are contributing to the environment energetically.

Consider this … As Mahatma Gandhi said, positive paradigm shifts occur because people have the courage to “be the change they want to see in the world.” 

If you are feeling as I described above, perhaps it is because you are not showing up in your full potential. To do so, you will need high quality energetic nutrition.

Bon appetit!
(I wish you a hearty appetite)


Yours in truth and spirit.



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