Can You See God in All?

December 19, 2019
December 19, 2019 angeladitch

Can You See God in All?

In 2011, I was a passenger in a car driving through Limon, Costa Rica. As I gazed out the window my eyes caught those of a man standing on the sidewalk. His face was weathered and his eyes were hard. If evil had a persona, his face was wearing it.

As our eyes locked, our energy merged and I dove right through his whole human construct to gaze into the brilliance of his spirit and it shocked him. His face softened, his eyes widened and they followed mine as the car slowly rolled by. The depth of his light was pulled through to transform his face and its expression.

I know what you are thinking. How wonderful! I connected to his spirit and reflected it to him to remind him of who he truly is.

That is true from one perspective. But another perspective would say that he connected to my conditioning and made me aware that I believe evil is real. This perspective would say that he pulled my spirit through my bias. He altered my perspective so I could see God in him.

We create our reality from the inside out. The outer world is a reflection of the lens we wear.

"If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all."

Yogi Bhajan

This is a lofty idea.

If you accept the premise that you are a spirit creating and experiencing through a body, then at the core we can agree that we are all an extension of God or Source.

But in day to day life when a person cuts you off in traffic, lies to your face or holds an opinion firmly in opposition to yours, it can be hard to see them as Godly. The further their behavior deviates from accepted norms, the more difficult it is to see any trace of “godly” presence.

If you accept the premise that your spirit has both created your body as well as experiences through it then we would see that your body is like a projector with a unique lens.

The lens is a composite of information that creates attitudes and perspectives.  Information compiles from genetic inheritance and experiences accumulated through life. The totality of the information results in your physiological form, its postures and your personality.

Spirit wears your body like an outfit and shines through it to express and create a collective reality with other beings. This is where we get the concept of you create your reality from the inside out.

Yogic philosophy and leading edge quantum physics models have detailed explanations as to how spirit creates into and through a body. These models are studied extensively in the FLOWLENS and Flow Mentorship Trainings.

Underneath your sophisticated projection lens, you are pure spirit and the same is true for all other beings.

To the person cutting us off in traffic, we could reasonably react with anger at their carelessness or inconsideration. We could judge their driving ability and contemplate the risk they put us in. This would be one set of conditioning reacting to another.

Underneath it though, there is a spirit shining through conditioning to behave as a person cutting off another in traffic. We could say they are doing the best job they know how based on the information in their lens and how conscious they are in that moment. This takes the sting away, doesn’t it? It becomes impersonal and informative.

By looking underneath, we drop judgment, and as we learn to drop judgment, we begin to shift our own lens. Soon experiences of others’ inconsiderate and careless behaviours begin to lessen. Why? Because we no longer see the world this way through our lens.

The true meaning of the statement “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all” comes when we emphasize the words, “If YOU can’t see”.

If you are spirit shining through conditioning seeing a world where God is not present in all, then the reason God is not present in all is because you cannot see it.

If you create reality by shining through a lens of conditioning, then whatever you experience in the outer pr0jection is there because you hold the belief of it in your lens.

If YOU can’t see God in all, YOU can’t see God at all. Meaning you created this reality from the inside out.

This statement is inviting us to recognize that the refinement of our own lens is what will improve our reality and it doesn’t end with this statement.  We could say this in many ways.

If you can’t see love in all, you can’t see love at all.

If you can’t see peace in all, you can’t see peace at all.

If you can’t see opportunity in everything, you can’t see opportunity at all.

And on and on.

Have fun exploring what shows up in your reality. Consider it from the perspective that you put it there.

Ask yourself, “How would I love to see this?” Then clean your lens.

Have a beautiful, bountiful and blissful day!

Angela .. yours in truth and spirit.

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