Flow Coach

Hi! I’m Angela.

I am an intrepid explorer of human consciousness .. and a cutting edge thought leader.

I live in edge of my awareness .. leaning in .. asking fresh questions .. connecting new dots .. grounding better results .. creating my best life.

Born with a hyper-sensitive nervous system and in a constant state of bracing, I’ve spent my life learning to become comfortable in my own skin. This led to me to leave the familiarity and safety of a six-figure corporate income, an organic farm and a 26 year marriage to bust through limits and walk in the unknown.

I’ve dedicated my life to exploring how we function. In the process, I found flow.

Flow is a perpetual cycle where mind, breath, body and spirit merge into one whole self .. time and ego melt into curious exploration .. one ventures beyond their limits into infinite possibility .. discovering new patterns .. and landing them into an ever improving reality.

My Story

In 2007, when I sold my possessions and left the life I knew .. I began exploring the planet and the subject of being human. I travelled extensively to study and experience everything from .. physics to energy anatomy .. kundalini activation to breathwork .. plant medicine to sexual healing .. meditation to yoga .. and more.

I discovered that optimal evolution and self-realization stems from mind, breath, body and spirit merging as one .. a centred .. and sometimes elusive .. state of relaxed internal focus and present moment awareness.

In 2011, I began sharing what I was learning through classes, private sessions and facilitator trainings. Today I have a thriving global coaching practice that specializes in Flow Mentorship, Energy Attunement and Facilitator Level Training in Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Flow Breath.

The more I share .. the more I learn. Teaching and coaching opens a channel of exploration that expands from what’s known .. into what’s possible. This shapes all of my offerings to be both grounded and expansive .. always staying in reality while exploring the unknown and infinite potential.

People who work with me .. walk the edge with me.

It’s like building your house at the edge of the abyss .. thoroughly enjoying the experience of life .. it its physical sensory nature .. while stretching beyond the limits of self .. to gather newness and creativity .. to then build an even better life in form.

This is what I teach. I give people frameworks and practices that invite them to relax in their edge .. learn about themselves .. and explore through conscious riding of the flow.

I love to gather in circles for intensive transformation. People feel safe to show up as they are because I hold courageous, sacred and neutral space. The most common comment at the end of a workshop is: “Absolutely life changing!”

I believe all knowledge is a merely lens through which we create our lives. It is the experience our lens gives us that is important, not the lens itself. When we realize that perspective shapes our reality we have opportunity to explore beliefs we’ve embodied .. and improve them.

I also believe there is only one true teacher in the entire universe .. and that teacher resides within you. My dharma is to lead you to you .. to find that true connection to eternal self .. building a relationship between your BIG I (spirit) and your little i (human self).

This relationship is the one true marriage that is until death do you part. How well we merge mind, breath, body and spirit determines how well we live an inspired .. peak potential life.

Merging this internal team is achieved by training them together .. establishing their common focus .. and building collaboration .. communication .. cooperation .. and love.

We focus on mindset .. skillset .. mastery in life. Individually these categories warrant much attention .. but when trained to together .. they entrain into one whole self. Mindset invokes and provokes the body into alignment .. not by strong-arming it .. but by opening a conversation that listens to the body .. its needs .. wants .. and sufferings. In this listening .. a better plan is hatched and evolution is received deeply in the now-trusting cells.

I’m really like a marriage counsellor for your spirit and body. I create the framework .. invite the practices .. you make the shifts.

It is always .. the deepest honour to witness the transformation people courageously make when they venture from .. the not-so-comfortable comfort zone .. into the pure positive potential.

Thank you for crossing paths with me … I’m excited to see where this takes us!

Much love,

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