2020 Question Everything

December 31, 2019
December 31, 2019 angeladitch

2020 Question Everything

I woke New Years Eve with a braced feeling of resistance. I felt like one with her heels dug into the ground heading off of the cliff of 2019. I wasn’t ready. This disturbed me and so I lingered in bed to ponder what the feeling meant.

I’m a person who loves a new year. Its like a fresh blank page in a notebook, a clean slate to improve life. A New Year is filled with hope and optimism. Yet, it didn’t feel like that this morning.

My mind quickly whipped up a list of ways that I could feel better.

I could get up and do a vision board. Uh uh.

I could write out my goals. Uh uh.

I could get a spa treatment. Uh uh.

I could do a tarot card spread for fun. No.

Nothing proposed had any energy within it to pull me out of this resistance. Nothing was inspiring me.

Then I heard my little i voice say something simple, “We should get out of bed. Its getting late.”

The moment I heard this, a surge of frustration arose within me and I instantly knew where all the resistance was coming from.

"2020 is the year to question everything. Its the kind of “fresh” we’ve never seen. 2020 is inviting a level of awareness that will improve everything we do."

Why did I need to get up just because it was getting late? Who decided that? Why is my little i so intent on following unconscious rules?

Like many people, I am conscious. I am practiced at continual awareness and life improvement. I’m self responsible. I can observe my little i reactions and improve them with BIG I responses, and I can make these improvements on the fly.

That’s not going to be enough now. Now we are being called to pay closer attention to the deeper auto-pilot programming and the unconscious way we do things. Its the little things. The “shoulds”. The huge undercurrent of unconscious auto-pilot conditioning.

2020 is the year we go deeper. 2020 is the year to question everything. Its the kind of “fresh” we’ve never seen before. 2020 is calling us to a level of awareness that will improve everything we do.

I did finally get out of bed, made a tea and had a lovely shower. Then I decided I would in fact do a fun tarot card reading, but this time I would do it differently.

Since I’m a conscious creator, I decided to consciously decide which cards I wanted in my spread. Instead of allowing the normal synchronistic pull of cards, I went through the deck and pulled out my favourites. I then created my 2020 card reading out of the 33 cards I pre-selected.

Guess what?! According to the cards, I’m going to have an epic year!

Brilliant right! You create your own reality so may as well stack the deck in your favour. Am I right? Or am I right?

Next, I decided to flip the idea of a vision board, (which is a fabulous tool to keep your desires in your awareness), into a results board. But, instead of a board, I’m making it a wall.

Every notable result I produce in 2020 is going on the Results Wall. I’ll use words, pictures and any item I can affix to the surface. I’m going to track my results and feel amazing and grateful every single day.

And more importantly, I’m going to question the why, how and way I do everything. My Results Wall will not only be accomplishments, it will be fresh and ingenious accomplishments.

This fresh perspective is more than enough to inspire me!

And as the clock nears midnight, and this blog winds to an end, I will launch this new website. My first fresh and inspiring result. I’m off to a fabulous start!

We have come a long way in our evolution. We are a community of people who have woken to the BIG I part of self and are learning how to merge BIG I and little i into one creative flow.

As 2020 gets her opening curtain, she’s coming in with an invitation like no other. She’s coming asking us to question and improve on every level imaginable. Are you excited? I am!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Angela .. yours in spirit and flow.

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